17505143_1596977920315782_1164275840116512831_oI AM SORRY.No really.I would like to apologize to my blog for not being able to write for quite some time now.I haven’t even checked it since the last time I was here.You can blame it (well I do) to the crazy work schedule that I’ve had for the past weeks.Or simply put,life gets in the way as they say.Well,we’ve(my husband and I) been busy processing our papers for our US visa.That’s keeping us really busy.We’re doing a lot of paperwork,documentations,clearances and coordination with the US visa center.I’ll write a different blog post for that.I am hoping that doing a blog about it and sharing my experience,the ups and downs of getting an immigrant visa would help a lot of my fellow US registered nurses who are also planning to work and live in the US.For now, I intend to write as many blog posts as I can and I hope I get to keep my promise this time.What’s that??Oh my blog says I FORGIVE YOU.




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More than a month from now I’ll be celebrating 3 decades of being here on earth.30 years of breathing and living life.I’m hitting what they call the big 30.So how does one celebrate that?Shall I travel to a place I’ve never been (since I DO love travelling)?Host an all white party?Treat myself to a 5-star staycation and spa treatment?Do a makeover?Great ideas right?And then that’s when it hit me. And that’s when I asked myself these questions- what have you done Kris (my nickname)?What have you done in the past 29 years?Did your childhood dreams come true?Were you able to make use of your skills?WHAT DID YOU DO KRIS?Well that’s why I’m here.That’s why I have this blog.That’s why I’m writing this now,my pilot blog entry,to answer the questions.

I’ve always loved writing.In fact I used to write for our school paper back in my student days.I even wanted to be a writer/journalist at some point.But nursing came and I just stopped doing it.Well I stopped doing a lot of things I love like dancing when I started studying nursing .Nursing demands a lot of time and so I focused in my anatomy and physiology books.Don’t get me wrong I don’t have regrets in getting a degree in Nursing.I’m a US registered nurse now and I’m proud of that achievement.It’s just that now that I’m turning 30 I started thinking of writing and dancing and all the other things that I love and I realized how happy they make me whenever I would do them. And that’s why I created this site.To do one of my passions.I thought what better way to celebrate being here in this world for 30 years than to do the things I love,my passions.

For the longest time,I wanted to have my own site,my own blog.And now that I’m turning 30,I’m celebrating it by doing the things I’ve always loved one at a time (I actually created a list of things I’ll do before 30 which I will be posting in a separate blog entry).And that’s exactly why i’m here today writing my very first entry (with my picture) for my blog,my pilot.